Planting Consciousness

Planting Consciousness offers services for multidimensional inter-species communication and education for co-creative projects.

Planting Consciousness is here to assist the new paradigm of conscious evolution through co-creative development, education and restoration where all members of the intelligent intrinsic network are reverenced and consulted for their unique contribution to the global web.

Planting Consciousness personnel consult with the Intelligence of Nature as a partner in planning any type of co-creative operation. A wide range of subtle energy services – such as geomancy, energy transmutation and alignment – are offered to achieve the highest and best design options for all involved. Projects may include domestic, wild, agricultural, built or unbuilt environments.

Our intention is to work in partnership and right relationship with the intelligent interactive environment. The parameters of right relationship between people is fundamentally the same parameters of right relationship with the environment. We are a part of a living matrix of co-operative and interactive intelligence and Planting Consciousness is here to assist you in the co-creation of this relationship.

It is preferential that prospective clientele recognize the Intelligence of Nature as a prerequisite and whose intention is to work in harmony and cooperation with our living, breathing Earth and her inhabitants.


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River Bear Sanctuary

Old Bear LLC

Lake Superior Forestry Project

Canyon Live Oaks

Canyon Live Oaks

When human consciousness connects with the soul stream of Natures conscious intelligence a synapse is created – an electro-chemical quantum exchange of information. Things cannot move forward as they once had. This leads to new ideas and new imagination of how we can walk forward into partnership and right relationship with our intelligent interactive landscape.
A sacred marriage is co-created with all of life.

Communication, Co Creation and Common Union with the Intelligence
of Nature