Sal Mark

Sally J. Mark

Sally J. Mark, founder of Planting Consciousness is a telepathic interspecies communicator, chef, teacher and lover of life who has lead a life inspired and guided by the ancient wisdom keepers; Plants, Trees, Elements, and Mother Earth.

Sally was born and raised in Noongar Boodjar, (Noongar Country) Western Australia. She was born into the magnificent realms of the old-growth Red Tingle Forest on the South Coast of Western Australia of where her ancestors had also lived. Red Tingles are the biggest eucalypts in the world, as large as the Giant Redwoods of California. She spent her childhood loving, living, and growing up in alignment with the Green beings of the Old Growth forest.

While participating in her first “Plant Communication Workshop” with Pam Montgomery, Sal received a vision showing her how the Spirit of Red Tingle had merged with her as a baby, offering her an awareness of her innate birthright of being able to connect and communicate with Nature.

Type 1 diabetes manifested within Sally’s body when she was 10 years old. It was after dramatic changes in her home life occurred that led to her being told she was never going to return to the Tingle Forest. Later in life Sally discovered that the manifestation of Type 1 diabetes was an occurrence directly tied to the disruption of her intimate connection with the ancient Tingle trees she had grown up with. This emblematic example of psycho-spiritual trauma associated with nature led Sally on a path of numerous Spiritual earth-based teachings and insights into the sacred mysteries of our Wisdom Keepers; Mother Earth, the Elements and the Tree and Plant Nation.

The navigation and effective management of the Type 1 diabetes dis-ease has gifted Sally with a profound ability to access, embody and understand her inner consciousness, which is enabling her to continuously fine-tune her intuitive insight. She is now learning from and working directly with the consciousness of Natures Intelligence as a healer, communicator and liaison between people and their Ecosystems.

Sally has assisted and studied extensively with the renowned herbalist and Plant Spirit Healer Pam Montgomery, author of “Plant Spirit Healing, A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness.” Pam is also the founder and director of Partner Earth Education Center in Vermont.

Sally has been trained and certified in multiple spiritual healing modalities, including Plant Spirit Healing, Theta Healing, Deeksha Oneness Blessing Initiation and Training, Aura Reading, Seven Fold Path to Peace, Living Nutrition, Shamanu Earth Wisdom Teachings, Living from Your Heart, Dream Work, Tree Whispering and Geomancy.

Sally’s passion and life-work is the mechanism of the soul, honoring and expressing deep reverence for the Sacred and speaking compassionately for our Wisdom keepers to ignite and empower the evolution of consciousness within humankind.