River Bear Sanctuary

River Bear Sanctuary River Restoration Project – Trinity County, Northern California

River Bear Sanctuary is a 42 acre riverfront property that backs onto hundreds of acres of Bureau of Land Management land on the Trinity River which is the largest tributary of the Klamath River. The Trinity River once teemed with bountiful runs of salmon and steelhead and was home to the Wintu, Chimariko and Hupa Indian Tribes. The abundance of the region’s fishery resources helped support the economy and way of life for all of the people of the region, these impressive fish stocks defined the entire life and culture of the Karok and Yurok Tribes of the lower Klamath River. Restoration of these resources is part of the federal trust obligation to ensure meaningful tribal fishing rights.

The riverfront property is a site of extreme land and river degradation due to mining and dredging operations that continued through the mid 1950’s. The owners, Emily and Mark Mattison who purchased the property in 2009 have agreed to allow their property to be a part of the Trinity River Restoration public – private partnership along with the Yurok Tribe to restore the Trinity River.

Planting Consciousness is currently contracted by the Institute for Man and Nature, on behalf of the Trinity River Restoration Program for the purpose of telepathic inter-species multidimensional communication, documentation, transmutation, site planning and co-creative operations with the Sentient Ecosystem of River Bear Sanctuary (the 42 acre site) and also including the Trinity River and tributary Watersheds. This is a multi phase five year project.

Through the implementation of multidimensional communications with all Beings comprising the Ecosystem the property was recently named River Bear Sanctuary as the name sake for the wild bears that inhabit the property. The intention and prayer for this property is to become an official Bear Sanctuary and refuge for wild bears in the area. Through a working relationship and in cooperation, balance, partnership, and co-creativity with all beings comprising this site, focus is being put on introduction of wild edibles for the sanctity of the Bear population.

In this engagement Planting Consciousness was responsible for:

  • Establishment of permission and relationship with the Nature Sentience of Place with respect to the River Restoration proposal and potential plans.
  • Establishment, documentation and activation of inter-communication and interconnectivity at physical and multidimensional levels between Ecosystems members.
  • Subtle energy services including geomancy, geopathic stress remediation, Source Water communications, Well water remediation, earth grids, earth-bound human spirits, mediumship, traumatized spirits of familiar realms (nature and elemental spirits) and of human realms, mining consciousness remediation, pathways of intention, intrusive energy, human thought-form remediation, fragmented energy patterns, portals, place memory, palliative care during construction.
  • The Sentience of location will be consulted and verbally and visually documented for its recommendation on projects to be implemented and its wisdom about the projects being contemplated.