“I greatly appreciate getting to experience Sal and the entire presentation she gave, it was superb. To experience the symbiosis between plants and music, especially up close, was just an unreal feeling, and I was pleased to see their essence ushered by one as gentle as Sal. I’m going to call it Phonosynthesis from now on.
Sal has a sense of humor about her, and encountering her energy simply affected me more than I would’ve anticipated. I’m still not convinced that she’s not a wood nymph disguised as a human to go on tours.”

Andy N. Wisconsin

“This Plant Communication class did what I was hoping; it strengthened my confidence to trust my connections and deepened dramatically my relationship with the plants.”

Workshop Attendee – California

“Fantastic class. The depth and breadth of Sal’s knowledge allowed me to deepen my relationship with plants and expand my understanding of what is possible when working with them.”

Workshop Attendee – Grass Valley – California

“I have discovered that the plants want to speak to me, elements as well. My heart opened more then ever and Sal’s huge open heart was the highway to my expanded awareness. I cried when I felt my plant’s jubilation at being acknowledged. Each journey opened doors and Sal’s ability to communicate powerfully shines through and aided me on my journey. Sal’s ability to stay humble, respectful and positive provides the template, the role model for everyone in class. Your heart will sparkle, your mind will find your heart and they will dance.”

Workshop Attendee – Grass Valley – California

“This class awakened or really reminded me of my connection to all of life. It expanded my awareness of my abilities in healing and also gave me more strength and courage to continue my work without self-limiting myself. I felt held and safe in this class. Sal carried us so boldly and smoothly from start to finish. She was easy to sit with and understand. I am truly grateful to her work and look forward to more.”

Workshop Attendee – Grass Valley – California

“My experience with this class has given me more gratitude and trust in myself and in my connection with the plants. I have experienced more clarity and understanding of my life path and purpose. My heart has opened more and I am experiencing a profound awe of nature. Sal is powerful and clear, her conviction to her work and dedication to the earth mother is inspiring. This class is so worth taking, go for it!”

Workshop Attendee – Grass Valley – California

“I have received validation that when I am with my plant and animal allies that it is possible to work with them and go deep. The methods of connecting with the plants and Greenbreath were especially helpful for me. The sharings received in the class helped me to understand my experiences even more. I appreciated Sal’s ability to hold ceremony, emotional space and provide a strong container. When is this class going to be on again, so I can tell my friends?”

Workshop Attendee – Grass Valley – California

“I am walking away with joy in my heart, a sense of peace, connectivity with my plant ally and to my fello classmates and teacher. A deeper relationship with the plant and natural world and a deeper trust in my heart as the primary organ of perception! My bond with my plant ally will go wherever I go, and I am infinitely grateful for the relationship that was formed throughout the weekend. Thank you Sal for holding space for our healing. Thank you for being the bridge between the plant/tree world and the human world, on our path of remembering that the two worlds are actually one.”

Workshop Attendee – Lillian – Grass Valley, California

“Sal’s heart is overflowing, you can feel it as she teaches, encourages us students, creates a safe and sacred container for the class, and speaks of her relationship to plants. She is heart centered and an inspiring teacher. I am thankful for my time with her.”

Workshop Attendee – Grass Valley – California

“This class was a journey! There where many highs and lows emotionally that balanced out wonderfully on the final day leaving me feeling really clear, focused and “insparkelated”. I am walking away with many tools to connect with plants and my own heart, inner self and clarity on my life’s purpose. Sal was really great, very open and approachable and extremely wise for her young age. She is a wonderful guide and a true advocate of the natural world.”

Workshop Attendee – Fon du Lac – Wisconsin

“I felt this class was a very safe container to really deepen into myself, my truth and heal and express whatever came up through that. I feel a deeper connection with Earth Mother and my own energy. Sal is a clear and powerful channel for the truth of the Plant beings. The curriculum was supportive for communion with Gaia, Plant Spirit Medicine and my true being. I would highly recommend this class and am already looking forward to connecting through this type of work again!”

Kaya – Grass Valley, California

“I received a huge shift of consciousness of our plant life and their intelligence, how we are all intrinsically connected. Sal is a delightful insightful and inspiring teacher of plant consciousness. Her passion and commitment light up the room. There is no better teacher then ‘one’ that ‘lives it’ and Sal does.”

Linda – Fon du Lac, Wisconsin

“I now have more appreciation for the consciousness of plants. I would highly recommend this class, Sal’s energy and love is contagious!”

Workshop Attendee – Wisconsin

“This class has opened me to a much greater appreciation of nature and my role in being a good steward of the Earth. The experiential aspect cemented Sally’s teachings. I loved the Greenbreath experience, it was awesome! The whole weekend added new/additional information that expands my consciousness.”

Workshop Attendee – Wisconsin

“I received a deeper connection with plants and myself.”

Workshop Attendee – Wisconsin

“Sally Mark has studied with me for years and is now being called forth by the plants to share with others their intelligent, magic, and healing ways With a big heart, deep soul and bright spirit Sal shares her own joy of deeply communicating with plants that is truly inspirational. She is one of a handful of Advanced students that has now become an Associate Teacher of mine. She will expertly guide you into understanding plants and trees at a greater level as well as entering into deep communion resulting in a co-creative partnership with the green beings. When you study with Sal you are in for a treat.”

-Pam Montgomery, author of “Plant Spirit Healing; A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness”

“Sally shares her beautiful gift of connecting the hearts of humanity and plants.  I really enjoyed her presentation and learning about the technology developed as a tool to interact with plants through bio feedback. I experienced it as a lovely expression of the self heard through the song of another. Sally’s beautiful Orchid opened my heart with its song. I have deep gratitude for this perception altering experience.”

-Karen, Vancouver, Washington.

“After over 30 years of attending workshops and lectures on many very diverse topics , my husband and I thought we’d heard “it all”. Not true! The Music of the Plants presentation by Sally Mark completely blew us away. Sally is a true delight, bringing her boundless passion, energy, and enthusiasm to an absolutely amazing topic. The experience of hearing beautiful music produced by our plant world was stunning beyond words. The experience of “plant consciousness” through hearing their life frequency vibration converted into a sound we can hear as music was awe-inspiring. That experience has profoundly changed our thinking and our appreciation for the beautiful plant world around us. The opportunity to experience the energy of both Sally and the majestic music of the plants should simply not be missed.”

-Janet and Jim Carey, Wisconsin.

“It was such a pleasure to meet Sally Mark during our Lightworkers Conference in Illinois. Sal’s presentation at our conference on Planting Consciousness was not only amazing, but magical as well. Her passion for our mother earth exudes in excitement during her demonstration of plant life and beyond! Sal’s “light” energy permeates the room as her wonderment and power of nature is demonstrated.  Sal is truly, insightfully in alignment with mother earth, elementals and our “green” life. I highly encourage you to experience Sal’s presence if the opportunity arises.”

-Linda, Wisconsin.

“This workshop blew my mind. I wanted to get a deeper understanding of plants, and this was way more than I could ever hope for. Thanks!”

–Rhonda M.

“I loved the plant consciousness class. I never knew that I could actually HEAR a plant’s special song before!”

– Tim J.